PORTRONICS, An Indian Owned Gadgets Company, Does It Worth It?

Portronics, is a gadgets brand of India for last 10 Years. They made some awesome gadgets from Power Banks to Charging cables and many more, Portronics improve their technologies and bring some unique and awesome gadgets day by day. So the question is Does the Portronics gadgets really worth of buying or not?

Here I Review some of there gadgets which I personally used and Love them a lot.,

No. 1. Portronics C-Konnect (Type-C multiport Hub)

C-Konnect is Type-C multiport Hub device, it has Type-C Input which is connect in any type-c enabled Laptop, Desktop and Smartphone and for Output It has HDMI for Display output, USB 3.1 for USB devices and Type-C Port for Charging. I am using this Hub with my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 as Samsung Dex. Just using HDMI port I make my Note into a full size Desktop PC. This is an amazing gadget for everyone. It make any single Type-C port into USB 3.1, HDMI and a Type-C charging device. At the price of Rs 999/-, this is an amazing and highly recommended Gadget for every Type-C user either you have Smartphone or laptop.


No. 2. Portronics Key2 Combo (Wireless Keyboard and Mouse)

Key2 Combo, this is a combo of a wireless Keyboard and a Mouse, here we get a Wireless Mini Sized Keyboard and a wireless Mouse. Both the product have the premium build quality. There is a 2.4Ghz wireless USB dongle for the connectivity. The wireless range is about 8 to 10 Meters. As for the keyboard the keys are very smooth to type and very responsive, even the stroke sound is almost zero, and for the mouse, it feels very comfortable in hand and it has also zero clicking sound. For the price point of Rs 999/- this combo is good for buying.

No. 3. Portronics Konnect Pro POR-793 Type-C Cable

Konnect Pro POR-793 is USB Type-A to Type-C cable. It is a fast 2.4amp cable for fast charging. This is the nylon braided cable so I can ensure you the build quality of this cable is so good. Because of the nylon braided, the life spam of this cable is last long and also have more than thousand bend life.

No. 4. Portronics Konnect C Square Type-C to Type-C Cable

Konnect C square is a Type-C to Type-C Power Delivery cable. This is one of my favorite cables from the Portronics, I use it as my daily needs. It delivers 3Amp 5Volt amximum power that means it provide upto 60 Watt Power Delivery output. This cable can use as your fast charging cables for smartphone or for your Mac laptops. At price of Rs 499/-, This is an amazing Power Delivery cable.




No. 5. Portronics Harmonics 220 (Bluetooth Wireless Earphone)

Harmonics 220 is a Bluetooth Wireless earphone. It uses the Bluetooth Version 4.0 for wireless connection, a little bit old but the sound quality of this earphone is great. It really good to yours ears and didn’t hurt even for long time use. About the sound quality, trust me you won’t regret after buying this for movies and music. For the games like PUBG or Call of Duty, I just say it has some delay in sound, so in my opinion this is not for games like that. But for Movies and other stuff it just amazing. The price for Rs 1400/- is little expensive but still works great.

No. 6. Portronics Freedom 4 (Wireless Charger)

Freedom 4, it really give you freedom from tangled wires and extra clock. Freedom 4 is a Wireless charger for Smartphone and an alarm clock build together with an excellent design. It is fast wireless charger with 10W output and also you can use it as a desktop clock. About the design, the design is very well made it does not occupy to musch space in your desk and didn’t even look like a charger. It has USB A port also for the Wired Charging, so you can charge 2 Phones simultaneously by wired or wireless methods. At the price point of Rs 1500/- it is good gadget to be in every house.


So at last, the question is Does Portronics Worth of buying? Yes, the work Portronics did in last 10 years was great, they give some quality stuff to us and their gadgets are trustworthy and worth of buying, so in my opinion you will give a try to Portronics Gadgets I am sure they didn’t disappoint you.

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